Young audience Slowmeetings


Based on 15-minute meetings, these face-to-face meetings between artists/producers and programmers/representatives of networks and institutions provide an ideal opportunity to present your artistic project and the approaches that surround it (artistic and cultural education, distribution strategy, etc.).

Registration is now open! Contact us if you wish to participate at – all the programmers are French-speaking.

The slowmeetings are organised by JAZZ(s)RA in partnership with RamDam, who are responsible for coordinating the event.

An email will be sent to all accredited professionals for the day of Thursday 30 November for registration. Please note: there will be one representative per organisation to ensure that as many people as possible benefit from the one-to-one meetings.

Location: H7 | Room 1 + 2

70 Quai Perrache, 69002 Lyon

Young audience Slowmeetings


Martha Spinoux

Théâtre des Clochards Célestes   Programmation

Sarah Mattera

Mille Formes  Directrice

Laetitia Mendez

Epicerie Moderne  Action Culturelle, Relations avec les Publics & Programmation Jeune Public

Camille Soler

RamDam  Coordinatrice

Iman Fajri

SACEM  Responsable du pôle Jeune Public de la direction de l’action culturelle

Tullia Tarsia in Curia

Opéra de Lyon  Responsable éditoriale de l'action culturelle

Amelia Boyet

Le Ciel  Co-directrice

Emmanuelle Durand

Les Nuits de Fourvière  Co-directrice

Claire Rouet

La Baie des Singes 

Joséphine Grollemund

Les Détours de Babel - CIMN / JAZZ(s)RA  Co-Directrice artistique et générale / Vice-Présidente

Sébastien Debeuf

Ligue de l'Enseignement de Haute-Loire - FOL 43  Chargé de mission Culture Éducation & Jeunesse

Sébastien Perret

Ligue de l'Enseignement de Haute-Loire - FOL43  Directeur

Cécile Desroches

Le Train Théâtre  Programmation jeune public & action culturelle

Marine Dardant-Pennaforte


Sabine Dauchat

Jazz dans le Bocage 

Chloé Cibert

Jazz à Vienne  Chargée de projets et de l’action culturelle