Promoting Jazz creation in 2023 : focusing on the artwork or the artist ?


French-speaking meeting. 

Jazz has the particularity of being based on a strong notion of individuality among musicians. We don’t necessarily come to see a group of artists for the group, but rather for the artist or artists we know within the group.

This observation is reinforced by the fact that the jazz scene is, by its very nature, a highly fluid one, and it’s not uncommon to find that the majority of artists, in order to make a career of it, multiply their artistic projects, and thus the ways in which they appear on stage to the public.

More recently, we’ve seen the interest of streaming platforms in communicating the annual census of listeners’ assessments of the bands’ performers. And many artists have seized on this opportunity to communicate by relaying this new method of “recognition accounting”.

During this meeting, we’ll be looking at the new methods of promotion, what seems to be successful, what seems to be failing, and the back-and-forth between communication targeted at the group and communication targeted at the group’s individuals.

Location: H7 | Great Hall

70 Quai Perrache, 69002 Lyon

Promoting Jazz creation in 2023 : focusing on the artwork or the artist ?


Mathilde Favre

Fondation BNP Paribas  Mécénat musical

Fred Goaty

Jazz Magazine 

Louise Cartier

Rooting for Artists 

Severine Berger

Veev Com 


Astrid Baïlo

17a7 / JAZZ(s)RA