Difficulties and opportunities to pass on one’s project to the new generation


French speaking-meeting.

Cultural policy from the 70s to the present day has given rise to a host of structures that have shaped culture and music in their territories: clubs, festivals, schools, etc., personalized by the image of their directors. These structures have developed thanks to the strength of conviction of these enthusiasts, activists, volunteers and employees, who have literally invented professions and ways of doing things, and have brought about changes in law, decentralization and cultural policy thinking.

In their wake, the world of live performance has become truly professionalized, and today must meet a wide range of requirements, from those of the associative sphere to those of public status: labor law, staff and audience safety, financial and administrative management, building management and ERP, etc. At the same time, societal issues have evolved, and today’s artistic projects must also meet society’s expectations in terms of governance, parity, the environment, and the renewal of audiences and artists.

It’s not so easy to pass on a project, while allowing it to evolve: how can we remain faithful to a vision that has convinced, won over and united audiences, while at the same time instilling new directions that respond to current issues?

Location: H7 | Room 1 + 2

70 Quai Perrache, 69002 Lyon

Difficulties and opportunities to pass on one’s project to the new generation


Joséphine Grollemund

Les Détours de Babel - CIMN / JAZZ(s)RA  Co-Directrice artistique et générale / Vice-Présidente

Vincent Anglade

Les Nuits de Fourvière  Co-directeur

Mathieu Schoenahl

Festival Meteo  Direction / Programmation

Mathieu Feyrin


Roger Fontanel

CRJ Bourgogne-Franche-Comté  Directeur


Jeff Braun