Possible(s) Quartet + Sophia Domancich – No Work Songs

18:00 | Tickets

The Possible(s) Quartet has been charting its course for 10 years now. Rémi Gaudillat set up this “workshop of possibilities” to build dreams in the spirit of a poetic, chamber music fanfare – like a string quartet, but with winds – combining the sharpness of the brass with the woody warmth of the bass clarinet. Behind it all lies the undisguised pleasure of storytelling, and the jubilant complicity of four musicians exploring every possibility of their instrument, to give voice to music that speaks to all.

Swaggering, whispering, singing, whispering, bursting, blowing.

For the No Work Songs project, the quartet invites pianist Sophia Domancich on stage and on record, notably for a suite written especially for this formation. A luminous musician of inner journey and introspection. An exceptional improviser, this demanding and adventurous pianist constantly pushes the boundaries of jazz (progressive pop, improvised, African, contemporary music…) without ever sacrificing her precious freedom.

Line up

  • Rémi Gaudillat : trompette
  • Fred Roudet : trompette
  • Loïc Bachevillier : trombone
  • Laurent Vichard : clarinette basse
  • Sophia Domancich : Piano

Location: Marché Gare

4-6 Place Hubert Mounier 69002 Lyon