Jazz Tour : Frédéric Arnoux Trio (2)


It was their shared passion for the music of Django Reinhardt that brought these three together, as they scoured the jam sessions (Night-Swing) and concerts with the “Collectif Manouche”.

Led by Frédéric Arnoux (Sokaris, Falls Trio), the trio brings you a daring, bubbling Gypsy World Music that draws its influences from Latin, African and Indian music, while retaining the typical instrumentation of Manouche jazz, with two Selmer-type guitars and a double bass.

The result is a jubilant, modern folklore that oscillates between effervescent compositions, rearranged standards and pop-music surprises, always with the generosity and elegance of “Jazz à la Django”, so popular in France.

Line up

  • Frédéric Arnoux : Guitar, Compositions
  • Lucas Muller : Guitar
  • Camille Wolfrom : Double bass
Jazz Tour : Frédéric Arnoux Trio (2)