[Young Audience] Nanan!

16:30 | Tickets

Nanan” is an old colloquial French word. It was mainly used when addressing children: “If you’re good, you’ll get ‘nanan’.” (a sweet). It designates something pleasant, exquisite. We want to offer this music to children as the most delicious of sweets!

The songs were written by drummer Lydie DUPUY (lyrics and music) and arranged by pianist Rémi PLOTON to offer children a gentle, playful approach to jazz.

Each piece allows the young audience to participate with their hands, their bodies, their voices, their brothers, sisters, parents, etc… and thus enables a real exchange between the musicians and their listeners. The aim is to create an interactive concert involving musicians, children and accompanying adults.

Line up

  • Lydie Dupuy : drums, lyrics & music
  • Rémi Ploton : arrangements
  • Mélina Tobiana : vocals
  • Vincent Périer : tenir saxophone & clarinet
  • Camille Thouvenot : piano
  • Julien Sarazin : double bass
  • Cécile Loraine : set & accessories
  • Elsa Jabrin : lights

Location: Le Périscope - Club

13 Rue Delandine 69002 Lyon