Jet Whistle


What is Jet Whistle?

Jet Whistle is a quintet of five musician friends, each with their own musical influences, ranging from free jazz to hip hop and Pierre Boulez. This quintet is all about sound effects and electronic atmospheres. There’s plenty of room for improvisation, and each musician has a great deal of freedom to play.

What is Jet Whistle?

Jet Whistle” is a contemporary music term for the transverse flute, which can be likened to a loud heap of breath.

Jet Whistle has just won First Prize at the Tremplin un Doua de Jazz. It’s a great achievement for this newly-formed group, and a great encouragement for what’s to come, as they have lots of plans for the future, including an album recording in February and a tour in April.

Jet Whistle has already performed at the Festival What’sup 2022 in Lyon at the CNSMDL, at Jazzday at the Hot Club de Lyon, at the Crescent Jazz Festival in Mâcon, at the Festival Jazz en Tête and at the Festival un Doua de Jazz, opening for the Charlier/ Sourisse/ Winsberg trio.

The repertoire revolves around compositions by Fanny Martin, the flautist behind the project. Her musical career has included appearances on France 2 and at renowned festivals (Nice, Carros, Beauvais, Lille, Clermont-Ferrand, Vichy). She has appeared as soloist with the Orchestre de Picardie and the Orchestre du Capitole deToulouse. She has recorded for Warner Classics with pianist Guillaume Vincent and the Orchestre de Picardie. Member of the Orchestre Français des Jeunes conducted by Michael Schonwandt and Fabien Gabel. She plays in Laurent Dehors’ new project “OK Boomer”, in the group Life is not a Picnic Orchestra, ensalsa in the Collectivo Caliente and in the contemporary music ensemble Orbis.

Line up

  • Adlane Aliouche : keys
  • Fanny Martin : flute
  • Elvin Mikaelian : drums
  • Jules Regard : trombone
  • Théo Fardèle : bass

Location: Le Périscope - Club

13 Rue Delandine 69002 Lyon

Jet Whistle