[Young Audience] JAZZ(s)RA x Sacem Creation : Bestioles Blues Bazar

10:30 | Tickets

JAZZ(s)RA & Sacem present, in partnership with RamDam, a creation for young audiences.

Since 2015, JAZZ(s)RA has organized the Forum Jazz, itinerary biennal showcasing regional jazz creation, each edition of which gives way to a Young Audiences program of 4 to 5 concerts.

Given the lack of renewal of projects aimed at this specific audience, and in view of the cultural context that encourages greater consideration of this dimension (versatility of projects carried by artists, support policies of collective management organizations, the State, etc.), it seemed appropriate for us to launch an action specifically focused on creation aimed at Young Audiences.

JAZZ(s)RA is thus launching a new project for young audiences, thanks to specific support from SACEM and the partnership of the network RamDam.

Following a call for projects launched in April 2023, which received 25 applications, Bestioles Blues Bazar by the collective Une Chanson Tonton? was selected.

The project is sponsored by Lydie Dupuy, JAZZ(s)RA Board member and “Grand Prix SACEM 2022” artist, who will be involved throughout the residency.

Through this initiative, JAZZ(s)RA aims to invigorate creation and distribution for young audiences in the region. To this end, we plan to support a creative residency session, a premiere performance as part of Forum Jazz in 2023, and 3 performances in 2024.

The Creation

“The Une Chanson Tonton? collective has been working since 2016 around songs for young and old children – for early childhood (0-4 years), young audiences (3-10 years) and all those who accompany them: parents and Early Childhood professionals, teachers and families.

Sometimes we play “children’s” song standards, as in our latest creation Swing Comptines (for audiences from 14 months), and sometimes we try our hand at creating new popular songs, as on our two albums ChapidouWouah! (2017) and Tape Tape Pivert (2020).

Just after the release of Tape Tape Pivert, Covid had buried its existence on stage, so we resurrected it by tentatively naming it Zanimots, and then Bestioles Blues Bazar.

We chose the animal metaphor as our playground because it seems to us an inexhaustible source of inspiration and a meeting point between children’s culture and adult writing : Lafontaine‘s fables, Ernest et Célestine, Les cinq affreux… Miles Davis defines the musicians he likes as “cool cats” throughout his autobiography. Mingus’s autobiography is entitled “Beneath Than A Dog” to describe his condition as a black American.

The Bestioles Blues Bazar repertoire works on different ways of getting the (young) audience to interact with its songs: we tap the 2s and 4s following “our friend the tchikitchik“, we chant “chapidouwouah!” in a Blues Brothers style question/answer, we learn swing waltz with the rhythm of the snake tss tss will you know how to accompany it tss tss?

The band started out as a trio, and this time they’ve invited saxophonist and percussionist Ornella Debono to join them! To be continued…

Line up

  • Stéphane Arbon, aka Monsieur Biquet : Double bass and backing vocals
  • Luc Buso, aka Monsieur Chaton : Jazz guitar and backing vocals
  • Samuel Jaeger, aka Drôldoizeau, master of ceremonies: Vocals, accordion, banjo-ukulele, percussion, moo boxes, plastic pigs
  • Ornella Debono : Alto and baritone saxophones, percussion
  • Cléo Combe : Accessories, outside view

Location: Le Périscope - Club

13 Rue Delandine 69002 Lyon