Gwen Cahue & Baptiste Bailly


Both composers, Gwen Cahue and Baptiste Bailly are working together to shape musical landscapes ranging from traditional inspirations to jazz and classical music. Together they champion an eclectic, lively repertoire, where improvisation finds its place within refined, dreamlike writing.

The adventure began at the end of 2021, and while both share a jazz culture, it is the desire to compose that unites them, sharing a common desire to create rich, singular music around the piano/guitar. While at times they seek to create a dialogue between their instruments, between two lyrical flights of fancy we find some beautiful areas of unison, where the timbres blend into a single, curious instrument whose strings seem to be struck or plucked.

A first album already signed for 2023 produced by label Ouest!

Invited by the Ouest label to work on a compilation album in tribute to Django Reinhardt, the duo recorded two tracks in September 2022, “Lentement Mademoiselle” and “Rythme Futur“, in memory of the immense guitarist and composer he was.

Their first full-length album will be produced by the same label, and will be released in 2023!

Line up

  • Gwen Cahue : guitar
  • Baptiste Bailly : piano

Location: Le Périscope - Club

13 Rue Delandine 69002 Lyon

Gwen Cahue & Baptiste Bailly