This project was born around the word “Flaws“, and the desire to transcribe into music this unstable space between darkness and light, where emotions come into contradiction and confrontation with each other, this space of transition where everything is raw and everything comes into motion.

Between light and shadow, this trio, driven by Sandrine Marchetti‘s original compositions, reflects all the ambivalence of her universe. From the very first notes, a profound poetry emerges, as the music carried by the pianist and her two vocalist acolytes transports us on a deep, luminous inner journey, where melodic lines weave intimate, eventful wefts.

Led by the spontaneity and intensity of singer Célia Tranchand and the authenticity of Loïs Le Van‘s voice, each piece in her repertoire transports us into a world of contrasts, where melodic evidence balances on a fil traversing countless harmonic and rhythmic paths, like a sanctuary of quietude in the face of external tumult.


Like sunshine glimpsed through tears– Alice Leclercq – JazzNews on FLAWS, in an article for Gri-Gri entitled “The 4 voices to follow in 2021

Loïs Le Van makes his mark (…) among the great vocalists made in Europe– Jazz Magazine-CHOC

The new voice of French jazz– BSC News

Line up

  • Sandrine Marchetti : piano, compositions
  • Loïs Le Van : vocals
  • Célia Tranchand : vocals

Location: Marché Gare

4-6 Place Hubert Mounier 69002 Lyon