Erotic Market – Boredoms & Heartstrings


After two opuses on power (“Queendoms“) and boredom (“Boredoms“), Erotic Market resonates with its own creations for an original, combined re-appropriation. Marine Pellegrini invites matchmaker-arranger Romain Dugelay to join her in this burning quest, offering a carpet of sensitive strings to lie on…

With the quartet The Heartstrings Ensemble, the R’n’B pop of Erotic Market takes on new textures, and emblematic titles blossom in these luminous rereadings. Pop dilated with classics or classics shot up with poppers… It’s your choice!

In any case, we find the strength of Marine Pellegrini‘s suggestive lyrics sublimated by her voice, as well as the science of Romain Dugelay‘s crunch, a master in the art of marrying musical currents.

Since 2016, Erotic Market has been conjugated in the singular with an artistic and vocal epicenter: Marine Pellegrini, author, composer and performer, she is an earthquake of emotions… Between creative cycles, intimate rifts and massive waves of groove…

For the past fifteen years, Marine Pellegrini‘s work has oscillated between acoustic ensemble (N’Relax & Bigre !), jazz-core embarkations amplified by literature (Polymorphie) and addictive R’n’B with additives (Erotic Market). A queen of many realms!

Line up

  • Marine Pellegrini : vocals & compositions
  • Yovan Girard : violin
  • Quentin Andréoulis : violin
  • Estelle Gourinehas : viola
  • Aëla Gourvennec : cello
  • Romain Dugelay : arrangements

Location: Le Périscope - Club

13 Rue Delandine 69002 Lyon

Erotic Market – Boredoms & Heartstrings