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ElliAViR is an instrumental and vocal journey in search of rich, dreamlike sounds for stories that combine reality, memories and the imaginary. Embodied by five musicians, ElliAViR‘s music draws its influences from jazz, world music, Celtic chant and Eastern music.

Composed, arranged and carried by singer Lou Rivaille, ElliAViR invites us to discover its original music through the rare union of two timbres: trumpet and voice. These two instruments intermingle, break away and share a number of tunes supported by the rhythm section, made up of double bass, piano and drums.

In this project, the voice is an instrument in its own right, where rhythm, melody, improvisation and phonetics illustrate a rich, narrative language, as close as possible to the instruments, opening up infinite possibilities and inviting the listener to close his eyes and let himself be carried away.

Line up

  • Lou Rivaille : vocals, composition
  • Rémi Flambard : trumpet
  • Cyril Billot : double bass
  • Maxime Mary : drums
  • Christophe Waldner : piano

Location: Marché Gare

4-6 Place Hubert Mounier 69002 Lyon