Djazia Satour – Duo Acoustique


A three-instrument duo to reinvent Djazia Satour‘s repertoire and orchestrate her new songs. The singer’s voice and Pierre-Luc Jamain‘s piano-playing intertwine their sensibilities, daring the most subtle improvisations. And the unexpected bendir strikes the heart of the compositions with its haunting rhythm.

A band built for the stage in a nocturnal setting conducive to confessions on themes whose evocation in Arabic suggests nostalgia and echoes the tumults of the world.

In the glow of shimmering stars, a new musical universe takes shape. Bendir and piano join forces in a new register. Going beyond the conventional aesthetic of the piano-voice duo, the two artists create a setting where all timbres resonate in a shifting balance.

An unclassifiable sound, the fruit of fine intuition and meticulous experimentation.

We’ve fallen in love with Djazia Satour. From the very first minutes of the evening, the Algerian singer, who lives in France, created a wonderful atmosphere of listening and sharing. Her Arabic lyrics, which tell of exile, wandering and freedom, are interpreted in a beautiful voice, with warmth and generosity“.

(Ouest-France – 2019).

Line up

  • Djazia Satour : vocals, bendir, compositions
  • Pierre-Luc Jamain : piano

Location: Le Périscope - Club

13 Rue Delandine 69002 Lyon

Djazia Satour – Duo Acoustique