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Scuru Cauru, meandering, enchanted songs inspired by Sicily’s rugged mountains and the backstreets of Palermo and Oran.
French four-piece Crimi are back with their second album Scuru Cauru which continues the band’s exploration of diasporic experiences, mediterranean cultures, and personal ghosts over 14 transportive,  electrifying tracks.

Crimi was born in 2018 out of frontman Julien Lesuisse’s desire to rediscover his sicilian heritage, and to reclaim a culture and language that his immigrant family once felt forced to conceal.

Crimi ‘s identity mixes the feelings of the old sicilian songs with the algerian raï’s one, augmented by the ethio-jazz, funk, and soul backgrounds of guitarist Cyril Moulas, bassist Brice Berrerd, and drummer Bruno Duval. The band craft a visionary continuum that draws on traditions from different times and places, re-elaborating them for the blended, cross cultural world of the present.
Lesuisse’s songwriting infuses even the grittiest everyday moments with a feeling of magical realism, so that reality and imagination are sometimes indiscernibly entwined.

13 out of 14 tracks are originals, but draws deeply their inspiration from the sicilian singer Rosa Balistreri’s music : “It makes me think of the old algerian singers and of the magic in real things, which can be both bright and very dark.” says Lesuisse.

Scuru Cauru, which means “obscure hot”, is imbued with contrasts. The songs are mostly set at night — a night illuminated by flashes of light, emotions, and neon lights.


Line up

  • Julien Lesuisse : vocals, electronic saxophone (EWI), artistic direction
  • Cyril Moulas : guitar
  • Brice Berrerd : bass
  • Damien Bernard : drums
  • Julien Lamaze : sound

Location: Le Périscope - Club

13 Rue Delandine 69002 Lyon