Chimeras passed through the sieve of popular language nowadays sound less like creatures of the impossible than ideas disconnected from reality. The new trio created by composer-saxophonist Romain Dugelay draws on the imagination of these two conceptions, cutting through his electric epics to rediscover the muscle and sinew of acoustic music.

Different shapes and forms are put to the test with this new redefinition of the jazz trio (piano, trombone and saxophone); the variety of dialogues of strings struck or rubbed in chamber music, the rebounds of cool jazz coppered by the sun of the West Coast, the rhythmic and melodic swerves of free… And if you want to get to the heart of the project, it’s not surprising to come across a pack of hybrid animals that have served as starting points for compositions questioning dreams and utopia in the face of the absurdity of the real world. Living art’s essential questioning of the technological grip that reduces the meaning of the virtual to an old skin deep…

In composing this ambitious new repertoire, Romain Dugelay resembles an insatiable adventurer in search of a new area where he can get back to basics. He pulls his fingers out of the socket for a new inner exploration, to his own jazz (res)sources and perpetual hybridizations… Between the solid patterns of the genre and the infinite possibilities of improvisation they open up, the playground is vast! Two representatives of Lyon’s bubbling jazz scene join in the fun. Simon Girard, an incredible trombone dialoguer, brings his wide range of nuances to bear on a marriage of brass instruments inaugurated in the last edition of the Polymorphie ensemble. A new partner will surround the duo with her benevolent aura of sound, in the person of pianist Anne Quillier, who has made a name for herself as a composer and performer.

This three-headed creature needs the right spaces to give full rein to her multi-keyed combination. The notion of acoustics once again comes to the fore, so that the harmony of this new imaginary can take root in the minds of audiences with wide-open ears.

Line up

  • Anne Quillier : piano
  • Simon Girard : trombone
  • Romain Dugelay : baritone saxophone, compositions

Location: Le Périscope - Club

13 Rue Delandine 69002 Lyon