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Since arriving in France in 2010, the drummer Zaza Desiderio has finally launched the first Brazilian music group to bear his name, thanks to the arrival of major Brazilian artists in the region, such as singer and actress Paula Mirhan, bassist and tuba player Rui Barossi, double bassist and guitarist Marcel Bottaro and trumpet player Rubinho Antunes. Together they decided to share with the public the historical affinity between Brazilian and French songs, which have been linked by jazz, but also the tunes they grew up with in their respective neighborhoods. This was the first phase of the project.


After a series of concerts, the group embarked on a new phase with compositions inspired by this historic alliance, without forgetting the present time, current issues and the history being written today. The freedom found in these artists’ shared passion for jazz has united the two cultures in a joyous atmosphere of creativity and improvisation.

Sharing and teaching

Given the knowledge and pedagogical experience of these artists, BOCA no BECO also offers masterclasses and workshops on Brazilian music.


The beauty of this music, where lyricism is everywhere, the sense of celebration and beauty! Great program, generous evening, timetable well exceeded“. – Bernard Otternaud, Jazz Rhone-Alpes

Line up

  • Paula Mirhan : vocals, percussions
  • Zaza Desiderio : drums, percussions
  • Rui Barossi : bass
  • Marcel Bottaro : double bass
  • Rubinho Antunes : trumpet, trombone
  • Boris Pokora : saxophone, flute
  • Victor Pontonnier : sound engineer

Location: Marché Gare

4-6 Place Hubert Mounier 69002 Lyon