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AA’IN means “soul” in the Wayuu language, the indigenous people whose territory was not originally demarcated between Venezuela and Colombia. Since the dawn of time, and right up to the present day, music has sealed the union between the different facets of the human soul. This door opens onto territories where relationships with nature, culture and the energies that transcend the greater whole are woven… It opens onto the world of tomorrow, creolized as never before in history, where identities interweave like the most beautiful Wayuu weavings.

It is in this land of immense plains open to all winds, between Venezuela and Colombia, that the hybrid formation AA’IN finds its rich soil. Where humans, animals and spirits know no boundaries. AA’IN draws its fundamental energies from the traditional repertoire of this region, irradiated throughout history by indigenous music and then by that imported by Spanish colonists and African slaves. The joropo of these cross-border plains, the Afro-Colombian rhythms of cumbia and currulao, Venezuelan merengue… A whole new tradition woven together by artists reinforcing their wefts with flamenco or jazz.

Everything intertwines in these lands whose lines are broken by human borders; the fibers of the histories of these two countries, the indigenous, European and African cultures… AA’IN proposes a new crossroads. Under the creative impetus of Rebecca Roger Cruz, an exceptional Venezuelan cantadora and musicologist, the duo created in 2016 with high-flying Colombian guitarist Sergio Laguado quickly becomes a trio. A new Venezuelan mastermind enters the equation: Manuel Alejandro Sánchez, who embraces his double bass with the same subtlety as the different types of music he writes, performs or teaches.

The formula wouldn’t be as good if it contained a period. AA’IN can take on other forms and evolve into different ensembles, even richer in new exceptional artists… The first EP, released in 2019, features guests who further magnify this hybrid music and transcend it on stage. The cuatro of Jorge Glem and the maracas of Manuel Rangel, two leading figures in Venezuelan music, bring new sounds to rub the ears of European audiences. Margaux Delatour, singer and cornerstone of another of Rebecca’s landmark projects, Parranda La Cruz, offers her voice and sensitivity in response and counterpoint of a new kind…

© Amaury Rullière

Line up

  • Rebecca Roger Cruz : vocals, maracas
  • Sergio Laguado : guitar, chorus
  • Manuel Alejandro Sanchez : cuatro, chorus
  • Michel Molines : double bass, chorus
  • Manuel Ranguel : maracas (Guest)

Location: Marché Gare

4-6 Place Hubert Mounier 69002 Lyon