[FOOTPRINTS] Being a programmer today


The programming profession is profoundly in tune with the times, and is going through an unprecedented period of transition. The current context demands a new way of working and a new way of looking at things, taking into account parity, the weight of political and economic lobbies – including in alternative spheres – and the ecological crisis, as well as the local, national and international scales needed to build coherent artistic programming.

The balance between these social, financial and artistic issues adds unprecedented technical complexity, and taking them into account is crucial to the long-term future of a venue or festival. What’s more, each context, linked to the history of the venues and their local roots, gives rise to multiple ways of thinking about and constructing programming.

Four programmers from very different local contexts will talk about how they see their job today in an open discussion with the audience.

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Footprints est un projet co-financé par le programme Europe créative de l’Union européenne


Lieu: H7 | Salle 3

70 Quai Perrache, 69002 Lyon

[FOOTPRINTS] Being a programmer today


Kostia Pace

Jazz Station (Belgium)  Director

Abel Petneki

Budapest Music Center (Hungary)  Communication Manager

Annamaija Saarela

GLivelab Tampere (Finland)  Director


Karolina Juzwa

Wytwornia / International Jazz Platform (Poland)