[FOOTPRINTS] Working towards a fair, sustainable, and inclusive music sector


In a rapidly changing political, social, and ecological landscape, building a fairer and more inclusive music sector asks that all of us question longstanding practises. Global warming is widely predicted to further accentuate inequalities and it is urgent that industry players collectively take responsibility for fostering a just and representative music ecosystem. Encouraging artistic diversity ; eliminating barriers based on provenance, gender, or social origin ; and promoting good working conditions are imperative – in addition to lowering carbon emissions.

What are the issues raised by attempts to create a more sustainable live music sector, and how can we ensure equity in this context? Let’s attempt find out with this discussion, which will bring the Footprints project’s day of conferences to a close.

Rencontre en anglais accessible uniquement aux détenteurs de pass pro.

Footprints est un projet co-financé par le programme Europe créative de l’Union européenne

Lieu: H7 | Grande Salle

70 Quai Perrache, 69002 Lyon

[FOOTPRINTS] Working towards a fair, sustainable, and inclusive music sector


Gwendolenn Sharp

The Green room  Experte Écologie

Adrien Chiquet

Ancien directeur de Météo / Ancien conseiller à l’Onda 

Anne-Flavie Germain

Relais Culture Europe 


Katie Kheriji Watts

Independent Culture Journalist (FR/USA)