[FOOTPRINTS] Focus on the job of artists’ agent in 2023


The role of an agent is never confined to a specific mission, and often extends to different forms of support for musicians, such as distribution, or communication to accompany booking and tour production. Their main mission is to encourage, promote, initiate or facilitate the development of a career for musicians in whom they believe. Three agents/bookers will share their daily lives, the creation of their catalogue, their relationships with artists and their position in relation to promoters, while integrating a European perspective, insofar as they work both on tours by European artists in their own countries and abroad for national artists.

Rencontre en anglais uniquement accessible aux détenteurs de pass pro

Footprints est un projet co-financé par le programme Europe créative de l’Union européenne


Lieu: H7 | Salle 3

70 Quai Perrache, 69002 Lyon

[FOOTPRINTS] Focus on the job of artists’ agent in 2023


Julien Arnaud

BAAM Productions / Kollision Prod / JAZZ(s)RA 

Anne Yven

No earplugs (Norway)  Agent


Kate Werner

Twelve Melodies | Wytwornia (Poland)