Grands Formats General Assembly


Grands Formats is a federation born in 2003 from of a group of jazz and improvised music conductors, and its creation resounds like a manifesto. Its members express it forcefully: large-scale music needs to be fully recognized and supported, it is a singular art form where the freedom and creativity of each individual are fully and collectively expressed.

Large ensembles and artists’ collectives are unique creative tools, bearers of a history and a precious artistic heritage, which today is experiencing many rich and varied developments. They are living spaces where ideas are confronted and knowledge is transmitted. In their relationship with art and the world, they carry risk-taking and imagination.

Today, the federation brings together 107 members, large ensembles and collectives of professional artists, both French and European, representing the extraordinary artistic diversity of jazz and improvised music. They rely, most often, on their own production structure, guaranteeing their autonomy and their artistic independence. They are thus producers and engaged in a multitude of activities: creation and research residencies, concerts, cultural actions with various audiences, phonographic production, organization of festivals…

In total, they are more than 1200 musicians, driven by an irresistible musical desire, united to defend the existence and durability of large ensemble music and to allow audiences to live an extraordinary musical experience!

The Grands Formats federation is a place of solidarity and transmission, a tool for observation as well as a space for reflection, debate and political construction. It is a force of proposal to direct the public debate on the place of the living music in the national, local and international authorities.

Within the framework of the Rentrée Grands Formats

Location: Salle de la comédie

71 Bd François Mitterrand, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand

Grands Formats General Assembly