If the GRIO – GRand Impérial Orchestra – refers to Africa by its rhythms, its name and its rearrangements, it maintains jazz as its horizon. With the title of this first album, Music is Our Mistress, it even places itself under the patronage of Duke Ellington (and his famous autobiography Music is My Mistress) and Ornette Coleman (and his no less famous This Is Our Music). To these two striking spirits, one could also add Charles Mingus for his fondness of pocket big bands or the Liberation Music Orchestra of Carla Bley and Charlie Haden for “those themes that can sound like hymns”. And even, on “Gomorra Pulse”, Steve Reich’s hypnotic circles.

Line up

Aki Rissanen (Piano) – Gérald Chevillon (Saxophones basse, ténor, soprano) – Damien Sabatier (Saxophones baryton, alto, sopranino) – Antonin Leymarie (Batterie) – Joachim Florent (Basse, Contrebasse) – Simon Girard (Trombone) – Fred Roudet (Trompettes Bb, Eb, Bugle) – Aymeric Avice (Trompettes Bb, piccolo, Bugle)

Location: Salle Jean Cocteau - Maison de la Culture

71 Bd François Mitterrand, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand