Nomadic and pioneering, Dowdelin explores a path where Creole jazz, electronic dancefloor and West Indian percussions come together to create a unique Future Kréol feeling. A world of cultural exchanges and constant back and forth, where music is central. A universe of multiple and reciprocal borrowings which, aesthetically, fits perfectly with Dowdelin, a trio from Lyon exploring Afro-futurism in its creolised version, immersing the traditions of the French West Indies in a great bath of electronic rejuvenation warmed up with jazz, as few have done so far.

Line up

Olivya Victorin (Chant) – David Kiledjian (Clavier, Sax, Sampler, Chœur) – Raphaël Philibert (Percussions, Sax, Chœur) – Grégory Boudras (Batterie, Chœur)

Location: Le Poco Loco / Petit Vélo

8 Rue Sainte-Claire, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand