Forming an atypical orchestra, the seven musicians of Captain Stambolov, lovers of traditional world music and adepts of unbridled hybrid music, turn the codes of the Brass Band upside down. Exploring the Balkan tradition, they propose an Acid Balkan universe nourished by modern sounds. Their music is a reinvention that combines the lyrical flights of the great Eastern brass bands with arrangements that dare to experiment in unexpected but always relevant ways. On stage, analogue synths, old keyboards and thundering brass invite you to twirl under the stars, on the asymmetrical groove of an overexcited drum and helicon. True marathons of pure energy, their concerts are an outpouring of sounds and movements, during which, to the rhythms of millimetre choreographies, the crowds embark on a transcendental journey.

Line up

Anthony Bonnière (Trombone) – Thibault Galloy (Saxophone alto, soprano) – Jean-Alain Boissy (Saxophone ténor) – Lucas Dessaint (Hélicon) – Hadrien Santos Da Silva (Batterie) – Elie Dufour (Claviers)

Location: Les Brayauds / Le Gamounet - Saint-Bonnet-près-Riom

40 Rue de la République, 63200 Saint-Bonnet-prés-Riom